WIRELESS HEADSET from Improvements Catalogue

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Why use Bluetooth®, when this tiny HeadOn® WireFree Headset has 20 times the talk time, greater range, and is immune from Wi-Fi interference?

For easy, reliable, hands-free use of your cellular phone (Bluetooth®-capable or not), cordless phone or even landline phone, all you really need is the patent-pending HeadOn® Wireless Headset! You’ll appreciate the 80 hours of talk time and 2000 hours of stand-by, and it weighs just 0.3 ounces and has a 50’ range! Secure ClearVoice™ technology operates at 2.4 GHz, over 125 channels (45 more than Bluetooth®). Since it doesn’t use the same channels that Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi share, there’s no Wi-Fi interference.

No charging needed: uses two low-cost #675 hearing-aid batteries (included) that last about three months. Remote answer button; voice dialing; automatic disconnect; adjustable volume. Postage-stamp-sized adapter dongle automatically “mates” to headset without programming, and connects to your cellular, cordless or standard wired phone that has a 2.5mm headset jack. Includes eight ear “gels” to choose from, for a proper fit inside your ear; won’t interfere with your glasses. Mounting plate and belt clip included.

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Wireless Headphones Let You Listen To Your Stereo, CD Or TV Without Disturbing Others!

You needn’t be held captive by a headphone cord to listen to your TV, radio, stereo system, CD player or without disturbing others…these headphones are wireless! First plug the infrared transmitter into the "tape, aux or mono" or headphone jack of your stereo or TV. It then transmits the sound to the lightweight wireless headphones. Go about your business anywhere within 40’ and within sight…the infrared transmission assures static-free, interference-free sound. Meanwhile your spouse can sleep or read without hearing a thing!

Includes volume controls, on/off switch, all adapters to work with any TV or sound source, and a mic adapter for use with older TVs that have no audio output jack. 3"x2-3/4"-dia. transmitter includes stereo cable, Y-adapter, charging cable, plug adapter, and UL-listed AC adapter.