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Income and Expense Tracking Management System -IEMS

IEMS is the perfect system for individuals, families and small business to manage their income and expense tracking. The friendly user interface makes it quick and easy to capture your income and expense transactions.

IEMS allows you to create your own income and expense tracking categories which can be as detailed as your needs require. Categories can be setup with defaults so that they are automatically populated when inserting transactions.

Transactions are captured on a daily basis so all you need to do is run the application and capture your income and expenses for the day.

Reports are generated from a start date and end date that you specify so that you can run them for a specific date or for the entire year if you like. The reports create the daily totals, category totals and grand totals for you.

The reports are generated to a spreadsheet, which makes it simple to save and reopen in EXCEL.

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income tracking screen expense-tracking-screen expense-tracking-report profit loss report
Income Tracking Screen Expense Tracking Screen Expense Tracking Report Profit and Loss Report

How you will benefit from using the income and expense tracking system?

If you run a small business you can quickly and easily capture your income and expenses every day. By running the Profit and loss report you will be able to tell if your business is making money or not. The report can be run by day, week or month for any date range that you specify and will give you a profit margin for that period. The profit margin is calculated as net profit/expenses.

If you are an individual or family you can use the income and expense tracking system to help you improve your finances. If you need to save money you will be able to find out where you are overspending and take the necessary step to cut down on unnecessary and excessive spending. The income and expense system will also help you keep to a budget as you will be able to get reports by week or month for you to analyze.

The income and expense system will also assist you when you need to do your taxes as each transaction can be flagged as a taxable entry. You can then run reports on these taxable entries only.

System Requirements

  • Minimum: Pentium I, 32M Ram,
  • Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
  • Resolution 600x800dpi (Small fonts)


Click here to download a free demo version (Version 1.0.2)  4.9MB

The free demo version is a fully working copy of the Income and Expense Tracking application which is limited to 100 income and expense transactions. There is no expiry date to evaluate the application. Once registered there will be no limitation on the number of transactions. 

Click here to upgrade to Version 1.0.2 1.2MB

Download file and replace existing IEMS.exe located on your computer.  (By default this will be in c:\Program Files\IEMS)

What new:

  • Reports grouped by Week and Month
  • Data Export
  • Removed Expense Type
  • Minor bug fixes

Buy Now US$19.95

Orders are processed through RegNow, a company with a proven track record in secure and safe ecommerce transactions. Once payment has been authorized you will be sent a registration key. Your registration name and  registration key will allow you to register the program.  

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