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IEMSexpense tracking software

IEMS - Income and Expense Tracking Software is the perfect system for individuals and small business to keep track of their expenses. With this expense tracking software you can capture transactions daily and get weekly and monthly totals. You can even get grand totals for any date range you specify. This expense tracking software has a friendly user interface makes it quick and easy to capture your income and expense transactions.  
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DASH Software Technologies Address Book allows you to store contact information about an Individual, Business or Website. This address book software can even store user names and passwords of website you are a member of.  
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Budgeting is an important part of financial well being. Most people do not keep a budget often find themselved deep in debt and without keeping track of all their expenditure they will find it difficult to get out of debt. With the ever increasing cost of living it becomes more and more important for us to keep track of our expenses. How often have you gone to the shops and charged those incidental expenses to your credit card and when it come time to pay of your credit account you find you do not have enough to cover the full amount. With the banks charging exorbitant interest rates ad can be quite costly to only pay the minimum owed. THere have been cases of people getting multiple credit card and using one to pay of the other. This can only end in disaster with many of the declaring bankruptcy. As a person who is bankrupt, do you think any bank or financial institution will loan you any money? Not likely.

Expense tracking is important to any small business as the business need to ensure that they are making a profit. It is no point for a business to be making a million dollars in sales if their expenses are more than a million dollars as they will be making a loss. With and income and expense tracking software application it is quick and easy to determine if your business is making a profit. Depending on the type of business income can be anything from sales of a product to receipt of payment for a job done. Expenses can be anything from cost to produce a product, purchase of a product, salaries, rental, telephone costs, etc.

Expense tracking is important for personal finance because it allows a person to get a view of their financial situation. The are many individual who are in financial strife because that do not track their expenses. With an income and expense tracking software application an individual will be able to make the necessary financial descisions to avoid being in debt. Income for an individual could be salary or wages, interest and other earnings. Expenses could be mortgage or rent, bills, groceries, gas, etc.



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